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Rapid Application Development Platform

Speed of No-Code, Power of Full Source Code Supercharged by Generative AI.

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What is Codalio?

Your quick and simple AI-powered application development platform.

Codalio is a full-stack application development platform that leverages generative AI to automate 80% of the software development processes. Offering the speed of no-code platforms with the added benefit of full source code ownership. With Codalio you can build and launch your applications quickly and it's easily deployable on any cloud platform.


Why Codalio?



Applications Developed on Codalio are Secure and Compliant (HIPAA & PIPEDA) by Design. Authentication, Access Control and Encryption are built into the source from the inception.



Own your source code and run it on any cloud. Codalio does not lock-in users. Your application is fully customizable.



Using our workflow automation platforms and the Rapid Application development framework, Rhino, you gain 80% higher productivity.



We have built on top of scalable open source platforms. Scale your application to millions of users and terra bytes of data with auto-scaling built-in to Codalio applications from day 1.


Built by Developers, for Everyone!

Full-Stack End-to-End Applications

Enabled by our novel approach & generative AI you can use simple human language, to build & customize end-to-end applications!

Real-Code and Fully Customizable

Doesn’t have the low-code/no-code vendor lock-in & flexibility problems

Best Practices Enforcement

Inherently enforces all the Best Practices in coding and software development Project Management

How Codalio Does it

How codalio improves software development process



For Startups

  • 30-80% of cost reduction

  • Up to 80% Faster Development 

  • Best Practices in Coding​

  • Cloud Platform Agnostic

  • Scalable & Secure (HIPAA & PIPEDA) by Design


For Developers

  • Instant Project & Dev Environment Setup

  • Cloud Dev Environment

  • Managed Infrastructure

  • No DevOps

  • Well Architectured Source Code

  • 5x Increased productivity

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity 

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Ready to Build with Codalio?

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